6 Jan 2012

How to Maintain A Car?

Maintaining an ideal vehicle is not limited to a simple oil change every 10,000 km. actually, many points should be checked regularly.

Maintenance every 10 to 10,000 km or 8 months

*Drain the engine oil
*Changing the oil filter
*Changing the pollen cabin filter, 10 000 km in urban areas and 25 000 km in rural areas
*Checking with the naked eye of discs and pads brake
*Check the condition of the battery without disconnecting it if it is a recent car because *the car could then be immobilized by the immobilizer.
*Maintenance every 30 to 000 km or 2 years

(Reminder: The inspection is required every two years on cars special and a test of pollution should be done every year)

*Drain the coolant and check the circuit there is no leakage
*Check the brake fluid and check the circuit there is no leakage
*Lubrication of locks for doors
*Verification of timing belts and accessories (watch, breach of the timing belt usually leads to engine failure.)
*Check the exhaust system (state of rust and seal)
*Check the oil level in gearbox
*Checking universal joint bellows
*Control bellows transmission
*Check the hoses of the engine, if they are cracked should be replaced as soon as possible.
*Maintenance every 60 to 000 km or three years

*Change the spark plugs on engines species
*Change the fuel filter on diesel engines
*Change the timing belt and belt accessories
*Check the liquid (or fluid) steering
*Change the air filter
*Drain the automatic transmission (except oil called "long life" never intended to be drained)
*Care to make every 100 000 km

It is highly recommended to replace the distribution kit which is vital to your engine and also consider the replacement of shock absorbers and Check airbags.

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