20 Jan 2012

11 Ideas for Reduce Fuel Consumption

1. Consider the alternative routes

Because nowadays the main roads often bypassing cities for many kilometers, increasing your consumption. These roads also connect major cities with each other, which is regularly not the shortest route to get to your destination. Secondary roads may be more direct; less loaded and contain fewer tolls.
2. Cut your air conditioning 5 minutes before arriving

If you do it consistently, you will consume less over time, and then you do not turn the air conditioning if you do not need it, and you are less likely to suffer from hot and cold when leaving your vehicle.

3. Buy a light colored car

Buy a light colored car if you live in a cold region. A white car will need to apply much less than a car's air conditioning will keep more black heat. Less air conditioning use is up to less fuel consumed.

4. Keep your windows open if you park on a sunny day

 A previous idea was to park in the shade when the weather is nice. If you can do so safely, remember to keep your windows open so it allows air flow in car. Your car will be less warm inside when you get back.

5. Choose the right parking place

Choose your parking space so as to make the fewest possible turns or adjustment to get in and out. Also choose one that is closest to the exit, for that matter. For example, choose a place where you can go forward and leave in forward gear.

6. Park yourself in a raid. 

Better to save fuel when you restart, because you will have to seek your accelerator as little as possible to gain speed. The ideal place would be a place in which you can enter and leave in forward and located in a descent.

7. Always wait to have your empty tank to fill. 

It's simple; all that fuel you carry is heavy. So unless you have, the less you eat. Result, if you always wait your tank is empty to return to the station, your average consumer will fall.

8. In winter, remove any snow or ice that has accumulated on your vehicle. 

The snow that fell on your car, or the ice that covered overnight, weigh several pounds you'll have to carry if you do not eliminate them. More snow piled ruins the drag coefficient in the air in your car, which will consume even more.

9. Invest in a fuel cap that locks, if your vehicle is not provided. 

In these times when the price of black gold peaked, theft of fuel are becoming more frequent. This is not good for your average consumption per 100 kilometers.

10. Do not follow too closely the vehicle in front. 

 In a previous tip you learned that, on the motorway, follow a truck can help you eat less. Do not follow another vehicle too closely. First, you must observe the safety distances. On the other hand, if you follow too closely, you can not adapt driving this vehicle. If it slows down at the last moment, you do so, instead of anticipating your stops, and you eat more. This is especially true with the 4 × 4 or cars with black windows, which will obstruct the view.

11. Buy the smallest car that suits your needs.  

As in real estate I would advise you to buy the smallest area that meet your needs, the better your car will be smaller and less it will cost, purchase and fuel, due to its lower weight. You should obviously check that the engine model is effective and sought-after consuming as little as possible in its class.

On your side, how do you live this increase in fuel prices? What steps have you taken to ensure that this outbreak has the least impact to you? Limit yourself go more and more you use public transportation?

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  1. Andrew26.4.12

    These are really cool tips and i have tried them and it works really good there is a significant change in fuel efficiency of my car thanks


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