18 Apr 2012

The purchase agreement when buying a car

Enter an order to the dealer; this is not a contract, but a first quote from you. If, the model should no longer be available as before, so because of that the dealer fails to perform is not the liability, since no contract has been completed and not any obligation is received.

Generally, a verbal contract is valid, but you should as a buyer, possibly to be addressed for the details and special arrangements are made for reasons of proof, and of course, a written purchase agreement. This should be all oral promises in writing.


According to the Code is for the seller the obligation to pass the matter to the buyer contractually retained and to assign them. The buyer, however, is obliged to accept the goods to the seller and paid in accordance with the terms and conditions.
If, however, how often, no direct cash payment, it is generally agreed in this case, a retention of title. This means that the contract is over after full payment of the Buyer.

Contract Cancellation: The cancellation contract

However, there are reasons that allow the buyer to the purchase agreement or withdraw from the order:
The retailer accepts the order in the pre-agreed period of commitment to non-specifically, or does not deliver the vehicle.
The seller signed the lease or finance agreement is canceled in writing within the prescribed period.
The buyer is still a minor and receives no subsequent written approval of his parents or responsible guardian.
The dealer has given inaccurate information regarding the vehicle has, or the buyer has been initiated by pretense of inaccurate facts to the order.
The vehicle ordered was not delivered even after Exceeded delivery date and specified period. For indicative dates is a waiting period of six weeks is the norm. The extension, which can be fixed by the purchaser, is usually two weeks.

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