25 May 2012

Compare auto credit offers

Before signing an auto loan Cash purchase, classic car credit, rental... financing solutions to a vehicle are numerous. Also it is advisable to take your time before purchasing one or the other proposals.

To get the best deal to suit your needs, it seems necessary to compare them. This will save you time and money. Many financial institutions offer to accompany you in this process. You can also consult specialized websites that centralize the offers.

Car loans: regulatory obligation

Know that the law requires the lender Scrivener to give you a preliminary offer of credit.

It must mention:

  • The name and address of the lender and borrower,
  • The property for which the credit is envisaged,
  • The loan period,
  • The amount of credit granted self,
  • The percentage rate (APR),
  • The cost of optional insurance,
  • The total cost of credit,
  • The date of bid submission and its validity,
With all these elements together, you can better compare the different offers that are offered.

Good to know: If you offer credit auto does not contain this disclaimer, the lender is subject to prosecution. While it did not comply with the mandatory information inherent in the consumer code in its loan offer, he loses the right to charge interest on the money you lend to credit. So you can then benefit from a true free credit!

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