2 Mar 2012

Mercedes SLK-BMW 5-Audi A8 Teasers

Mercedes SLK Third generation

The third generation of the coupe-roadster is ready to star and, you will see, the next SLK will return even sharper than ever.

BMW 5 Series First Teaser

BMW finally released the first teaser from his forthcoming new 5 Series ... But we'll have to have much imagination to guess the car behind the lines of small balls!
Certainly, manufacturers like to unveil their new stars in dribs and drabs. The German told us still more info on November 23, shortly before the start of the show in Los Angeles is the place where she could make its premiere in public.

Audi A8 Teaser

Only a few days to go before discovering the new A8! Audi will unveil its new high-end road to November 30 in Miami, at the opening of a contemporary art fair that they sponsor. The highlight of the evening is of course the discovery of this highly anticipated model, originally planned for the IAA but eventually shifted due to the unfavorable environment.

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